Rewards for being the Sim Mayor

At Population... ...You Get...
2,000 A Mayors House
10,000 A City Hall
30,000 A Statue
60,000 You Are Offered A Military Base
90,000 A Llamma Dome
120,000 You Are Allowed To Build Arcologies

Mayors House:  The Mayors house sits on a 2 X 2 tile at any place in the city that you choose ( except the edge of the map ).  I suggest you place it someplace out-of-the-way so you can have a nice peasefull rest after a long days work.

Sim Mayors House

City Hall: This is where you do all your dirty work.  A nice Building that will last the times set on a 3 X 3 plot of land ( except the edge of the map ).  This is a place where you ARE the boss unlike others.

Sim City Hall

Statue: Here you are  on a 1 X 1 plot of land remembered ( Pigons and all ) of what a great leader you are ( were ) a tribute that stands for all time!  It may be placed anywhere ( except the edge of the map ).


Military Base: Military Bases help boost commerce and bring in soldiers and families who want to shop. Some of the bases can deploy troops to help disasters. Some bases can even make the monster leave sooner or stop it from attacking! If your population reaches at least 60,000 you can get a military base. The four bases are Air Force, Army, Missile Silos, and Navy.   The Military chooses a location for this.

Navy Base:

Navy Base

Llama Dome: A community building that sits on a 4 X 4 plot of land.  There are many uses for this building like: Weddings,  Llama sightings ( UFO's in SimCopter ), Bunge jumps just to name a few. This building shows to all the other cities that you have the best, biggest, and most powerfull city in the Sim Nation.

Llama Dome

 Arcologies: Arcologies are huge, tall, dense cities in a building. They are like a very dense combination of residential, commercial and industrial zone. Arcologies are a way to help your population zoom from mere hundreds of thousands to millions, expanding your tax base.

The Arco Family

From Left to Right: Plymoth Arco, Forest Arco, Darco Arco, Launch Arco

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