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These cheats work in any Sim City 2000 Game ( Senarios included )

What you tipe in

What it does

Version it works in


Gives Money In $250 Increments. If used several times, a firestorm ensues.



Message On Screen Appears, Says "Same To You, Buddy!". If repeated, churches invade the city. Save before typing these in! Once infected, you must restart the game. If you saved a city after it was invaded by churches, you must destroy all the churches, save, then restart.



Gives you a $10,000 bond at 25% interest.



Shows Available Memory In Current Disk Drive (Doesn't Work Well With Pentiums)



If You Own A Soundcard, You'll Hear Somebody Moaning "Can't Get Enough!"

Only V. 1.0


Gives You $500,000



Gives You Your Software's Version Number



Other Cheats

The Fund Trick

This trick will give you a whole bunch of money per year. $1,500,000.00

NOTE: You must not build anything before using this trick. If you do, it will not work.

Do The Following:

1. Type fund press to accept the bond

2. Repeat steps 1 and 2 and accept another bond

3.  Go into the Budget window ( the one with taxes, funding and bond information )

4. Click on the book icon under 'Bond Payments'. It will bring up a screen that shows your current fund ratings. Click on 'Issue Bond'. The rate should be .%. Accept it. Exit the Budget window turn the speed on Cheetah, and each year, you should rack up about $1.5 million!

Mega Cheat

This Cheat Will Give You $500,000 And Make All Rewards Available.

Note: You can only gain the extra $500,000 when your current funds are below $500,000. If they are above, the cheat will not work. You may repeat this as many times as you want during the game.

First, prepare for the cheat by:

1. Pausing your city

2. Selecting the centering tool

3. Press Ctrl-F3 on the keyboard

4. Click on the rotate counter-clockwise (left) button

5. Click on the resize button located on the lower right-hand corner of the city edit window

6. Click on the small status window (the one that shows weather, price, and demand messages)

7. Click on the population icon located on the toolbar

8. Click anywhere inside the city edit window

9. Pull down the Disasters menu, and then move the cursor on the line between Riots and No Disasters. Release the mouse button over the line.

Note: when the cursor is over the line, the dark highlight will disappear. This is what it should do.

After step 9 is finished, you should get an extra $500,000 (see note below), and all rewards should be available.

Dos Prompt Cheat

Note: Make sure to back up your city before attempting this cheat.

1. Start a new city

2. Pause the game

3. Save the city and quit

4. At the DOS prompt, type 'debug yourcity.sc2' and press enter

 5. Type 'e 127 7f' and press enter

6. Type 'w' and press enter

7. Type 'q' and press enter

8. Now restart the city

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