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This site will be under rennovation in most of June and the first week of July

The Next Maxis Ville Game; Sim City 3000 is finished!!!.... There are more cities to be downloaded check them out.... Please Send Me Your Files !!.... There are many more Screenshots for all the games check them out!!..

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Sim City 3000

If you notice anything that doesn't work correctly E-mail me!!!...

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Well I am finaly back to a "Sim Game" mood. I have been playing Command and Conquer for a long time and I have just finished the game. Sim City 3000 is about to be uploaded about in a week I should have this more comprehensive page completed. If you have any suggestions please tell me of them.

I am planning to do some renovation to the older parts of this site so there may be a few things that are diffrent.

I have added many more Screenshots and about have the Maxis Ville Screenshot Vault completed!!

I have been working my hardest to make this site the best it can be but I still need files to let people download, SEND ME YOUR FILES!!.

Be happy all you Maxis Fans!!

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