Sim Tower Success Guide

By Daniel DeFrances

  1. Build a lobby that is exactly four fast food places wide. (wait until 10 PM to build them, or you'll lose $12,000!)
  2. Build an elevator at the far left of the lobby going to the food joints.
  3. On top of the food places build offices to the first skylobby, and give them transportation.
  4. Build another elevator at the far right of the lobby connecting to the 15th floor (skylobby).
  5. Go into the elevator control window and make sure that the "WD" button is pushed, then make the 2nd clock button from the left Express to top, and the 2nd and 3rd clock buttons from the right Express to bottom. After this, you must make the floors closer than moving cars indicator go up to 15, and the time before departing indicator go up to 30 (do this for the "WE" side, too.)
  6. On the elevator shaft on the far left build cars on the odd floors.
  7. On the elevator shaft on the far right, put cars on the even floors, but don't demolish the first floor car!
  8. Let the simulation run for an hour or two, so that you can make some money.
  9. Now, the tower is yours! Do what you wish, just be gentle.

Note: If you run out of money during the tutorial, just let the simulation run for a while, so that you can let your cash build up.


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