Strange Sim Tower Things

Compiled by The Kidder, of the Maxis BBS

  1. When I click on one of the people in the Metro Station, and they say there going to eat on floor 100!
  2. If there is one person in the movie theater, it says it's a sellout!
  3. I find it amusing when you see a guy reading a paper on the bench all day long, every day in the Metro station.
  4. And what about the cathedral having only one wedding, the first weekend, when the cathedral opens.
  5. Doesn't it seem in a big tower (5,000+ people), that nearly every office worker has an accident and travels to the medical center every other day??
  6. And when there is a fire or a terrorist threat, immediately every single person has suddenly disappeared from your tower, like an alien beamed up every single person.
  7. And when your security forces find the bomb, the one that found it looks like he is spraying Miracle Grow or something on it.
  8. How did the builders cart the construction crane up on top of the tower? Did they fly it up there?
  9. Six security officers sit all day long at screens that show static?
  10. Grown-ups contuinsly ride the esclator/stairway for minutes before they finally get off.
  11. When you call fire rescue (large red helicopter) after you can't put the fire with your security guys, and the fire has spread five floors, you call in fire rescue, the helicopter flies on the original story which the fire started, all of the fire is put out ANYWHERE, and you don't see any water flying?
  12. Do the cars drive through the lobby, hitting people everywhere, just to get to the parking ramps?
  13. What about the big dump trucks? They appear every mornig at seven, miraculsy pick up all that trash (by the way, what are tires??? doing in the trash from commericial and condos) in under a minute, and then drive off through that little door in the side of the recycling center with light coming through it? My recycling centers are always underground, maybe not yours, though.
  14. The most commonly know one, when you examine one of the offices with the magnifing glass, you hear "Welcome to New York."
  15. It must cost a fortune to remodel all your lobbys when you go from different star levels.
  16. Hollywood has gone beserk in this game. A "classic" is called "Revenge of the Big Spider?????"
  17. At midnight or one o'clock in the morning, everyone in an elevator, or someone who is waiting for one, mystically disappeares?
  18. In an express elevator, four people is a crowd?
  19. The VIP is always a man, and he appears alone, but leaves in the morning with a lady friend. Go figure.
  20. When you get a cathedral, Cupid and his friends are hovering outside it while a wedding is going on.
  21. Sometimes when you click on the resturaunts, sometimes you'll get the fast food audio clip instead of the laughter and clinking glasses of the resturant theme.
  22. It never rains once you reach 5 star level.
  23. In the offices, some lady sole job is to carry around a coffee tray.
  24. The salespeople leave the offices for "sales calls" every day around one o'clock, while there isn't any phone booths in the lobby, and then they don't return to the offices.
  25. For the far away views, people going up stairs or esclators are black, while going down are grey.
  26. The people in your tower that you have named never seem to get mad at you.
  27. Santa Claus' reindeer have some trouble in keeping Santa flying high.
  28. Furniture appears instantly in a condo when it is sold.
  29. The little building guy never, ever has transportation trouble.
  30. Who would want to go to a Sushi Bar? Just eating raw fish?
  31. When you reach tower rating, you get nice textured letters.
  32. People in the condos and hotel rooms stay up until one o'clock in the morning.
  33. When a movie has been playing for over one year, and you get the terrible sales notice, about 5 people still come!

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