Sim Tower Cheats

Any structure with the message, "Conditions are terrible", can be magicaly brought back to good condition by lowering the rental price to the minimum and then reseting it to the original price.

You can build two or three story lobbies; to create a two story lobby start a new tower and simply hold down SHIFT when you place a lobby, to create a three story lobby start a new tower amd simply hold down CTRL+SHIFT when you place the lobby.

To double your money, go to the bottom-left corner and build a lobby, your money will double from $2,000,000 to $4,000,000! This only works with a new tower where nothing has been built.

For loads of money and the star-rating of your choice do the following; start a new tower, save it, exit to DOS and change to the SimTower directory, type "DEBUG [NAME OF TOWER].TDT", now type "e 100 00 24 0* 00 85 FF FF 00" (replace the * with the star-rating you want), finally type "w" then "q" to exit. When you reload your tower it should have your chosen star-rating and lots of extra money!
WARNING: Make A Backup Copy Of Your Tower File Incase Something Goes Wrong!!

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