Military Bases

Military Bases help boost commerce and bring in soldiers and families who want to shop. Some of the bases can deploy troops to help disasters. Some bases can even make the monster leave sooner or stop it from attacking! If your population reaches at least 60,000 you can get a military base. The four bases are Air Force, Army, Missile Silos, and Navy.

Air Force:

AirForce Base

The Air Force base will usually appear on flat terrain.

Army Base:

Army Base

The Army Base will appear if you have hilly terrain.

Navy Base:

Navy Base

The Navy Base will appear if your city is near the coast or if you just have a coast.

Missile Silos:

The Most Useless of them all!! the Silo

Missile Silos are the least useful military base because they don't offer any protection and have all the bad effects of a military base.

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