Sim City 2000 Tilesets

     NOTE: To use these tilesets you must own a copy of SCURK for Windows 3.1, Windows 95 or Mac. If you own SCURK for Dos these tilesets will not work. I apologize for not being able to make DOS tilesets available on my website. If Maxis ever develops a program that can translate Windows tilesets into Dos format then I will be able to offer them on my site.



Example tile

Allen's Monument Set Creator: Allen Wilterdink

Description: A very realistic tileset. Includes Mostly different monuments from around the world.

Includes: Tileset (Allen's Monument Set - allen.mif)

Ancient Tileset Creator: Unknown

Description: A babylonian tile set

Includes: Tileset (Ancient Tileset - ancient.mif)

Arco Flats Creator: Joe Sartelle (WebPage)

Description: A nice looking tileset, seems to include mostly tiles found in other sets. Basically a set of all the best tiles..

Includes: Tileset (Arco Flats - arcoflat.mif) And City (Arco Flats - arcoflat.sc2)

California Set Creator: Richard Morgan

Description: A GREAT tileset, includes buildings from lots of different sets around the net and some new tiles. Palm trees, nice detailed arcologies.

Includes: Tileset (California Set - californ.mif)

Chicago Set Creator: W. Michael Weburg

Description: Lots of very realistic buildings from Chicago.

Includes: Tileset (Chicago Tileset - chicago.mif) And City (Manhattan - manhatta.sc2)

Christmas Set Creator: Kevin M. Boots

Description: Snow-covered buildings, Christmas trees and lights.

Includes: Tileset (Christmas Set - xmas.mif) And City (Tikal - tikal.sc2)

DaBomb Creator: Jason Sieberg

Description: Lots of his Jason's creations included in this tileset, and some from other sets. Includes a fixed up Hancock Center from the Chicago set.

Includes: Tileset (DaBomb - dabomb.mif)

Dutch Set Creator: Troy Lucki

Description: Regular buildings turned into huge skyscrapers. Some new tiles also included.

Includes: Tileset (Dutch Set - dutch.mif)

Joe's Tiles Creator: Joe Smith

Description: 99% new buildings. Includes lots of detailed, great looking buildings.

Includes: Tileset (Joe's Tiles - joestile.mif)

Justin's SCURK Collection Creator: Justin Schreurs (WebPage)

Description: A nicelty put together sets featuring lots of the best tiles around and a few new ones that I have never seen before

Includes: Tileset (Justin's SCURK Collection - justin.mif)

New York Set Creator: Joel Garcia

Description: Lots of very realistic buildings from New York.

Includes: Tileset (New York Tileset - newyork.mif) And City (Manhattan - manhatta.sc2)

Northern Europe Set Creator: James Griffin

Description: A beautiful alternative to the standard SimCity buildings.

Includes: Tileset (Northern Europe Set -

Phadelphia Tileset Creator: Unknown

Description: This complete tileset includes tiles that resemble buildings from Phadelphia.

Includes: Tileset (Phadelphia Tileset - phily.mif)

Retro Tileset Creator: Unknown

Description: A very eclectic tileset consisting of modern and ancient buildings.

Includes: Tileset (Retro Tileset - retro.mif)

Texas Set Creator: Xavier Cantu

Description: Lots of very realistic buildings from Texas.

Includes: Tileset (Texas Tileset - texas.mif)

Year 2001 Creator: Sean Sweeney (WebPage)

Description: A complete set including lots of very tall, interesting buildings.

Includes: Tileset (Year 2001 - year 2001.mif)

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