Sim City 2000 Disasters

Certain conditions in your city attract or discourage disasters, and certain city events can cause them also. So, to a certain extent, you can prepare for and even lessen the likelihood of disasters.

In the event of a disaster, the first thing to do is to contain ALL fires ( bulldoze all the terrain in a distance of two tiles close to the fire). Next, start to re-build the zone ( power it, water it and all those other good things ). After that, re-build the infrastructure that was damaged in the disaster. (power lines, roads, rails, rail and sub depots, and bridges ).

Where a disaster causes destruction in a zone, you must manually bulldoze the rubble in Demolish/Clear mode before the zone will begin to re-build.

Here is a list of all the types of disasters:

Fires: Fires are most likely to happen when the weather is very hot and you don't have good fire department coverage. Fires are also the by products of Airplane Crashes, Riots, Tornadoes, and Hurricanes. You can fight fires by dispatching your fire fighters from the Emergency button, or bulldoze everything in close proximity to the fire and let itself burn to death.

A Sim City Firestorm

Floods: Floods occur in the wet season, and can be byproducts of Hurricanes, Tidal Waves, and Tornadoes. They are most likely to occur on the coast line, but occasionally a river will flood. Floods only destroy buildings at sea level. Anything even one tile up will be safe. Since seaports must be at sea level, they are the prime target for floods. To defend your city from floods, place your police, fire fighters, and if you have them, military personnel on the coast to build dams. You may loose the odd civil servant, but at least your city will be safe.

A Sim City Flood

Riots: The main cause of riots are heat, high crime, and high unemployment. Riots can also occur if your city has a long blackout. A good economy and a low crime rate are the best ways to prevent rioting. You can fight riots with your police officers. Fires are byproducts of riots.

The Sims Revolt!

Air Crashes: Sometimes, the odd L1011 or Apache will crash. Other then a dented building here and there, the main danger from Air Crashes is fire. Put out the fire quickly and hold an inquest. If the plane or helicopter crashed at the Airport, fire the Air Traffic Controller, and step up security. ( also call in the Sim Aviation Agency ).

A Plane Crash

Tornadoes and Hurricanes: Both of these occur because of harsh climatic conditions, and can't be prevented. Keep an eye on the newspapers' weather report to know if one is coming your way.

Sim Tornado

Earthquakes: There is nothing you can do to prevent these. All you can do is treat the symptoms -- and those are many. Earthquakes not only shake down buildings and damage your cities infrastructure (roads, rails, power lines, etc...), but cause fires, looting, and riots. All you have to do is contain the fires, restore power to the affected areas, re-build transportation, and control the mobs with the rioting.

Nuclear Meltdown: If you have a nuclear power plant, there is a slight chance that it will meltdown. If it does, you and your city is in big trouble. There will be an explosion, fires will break loose, and radiation will spread. The radiation lasts a long time. You nor your Sims can build on it. Fusion power plants DON'T meltdown, only standard fission plants (nuclear) do.

Microwave Power Plant: The microwave plant has its accidents too. On occasion, the beam of energy from the satellite misses the collector disk and causes some inconvenient death and destruction. There is nothing you can do to prevent this. Just douse the fires as soon as you can, and restore power. Play it safe with microwave power plants, build them out in the boonies.

Monster: The monster is an intelligent creature from outer space. But then again, it might just be a Hollywood movie special effect run amok. Since we seem incapable of communicating with it, we don't know if it is really out to destroy our cities, or if it just doesn't understand that we find it unpleasant to be smashed, set on fire, flooded, or whisked away to another planet. The presence of certain military bases can drive the monster away from your city quicker then other ways. Maybe if you could make it understand that its behavior is antisocial, it will stop. But then again, maybe not.

Looks like a movie Monster,  Don't you think?

Others: There are many other disasters in SimCity 2000 that will pop up time from time. You will have to find them out for yourself.

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