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Gives You $250. If Used Several Times, A Firestorm Ensues



Gives You A $10,000 Bond At 25% Interest



Military Base



Gives You $500,000 And Activates All Rewards



Pirate Squid Club (Two Cows in Window Look for yourself) P.S. Don't Ask me why



Causes A Major Flood And Citizen's Cheer



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Other Cheats

Magic Eraser

There is an un-documented hidden feature in the trees/landscape tool which allows you to erase buildings but not there effects (like population and polution).To use the magic eraser:

1. Select the tree-tool

2. Start planting some trees

3. Hold down thw shift key while planting trees

4. Erase stuff

Erasing an Arcology will still yield the population of an arcology, but the arcology will be gone along with it's pollution and crime.

Erasing half of a power-plant would cut it's pollution in half, but it would also cut it's power output in half.

Phantom Water Pump

The phantom water pump is a cheat that allows you two use just one water pump for your entire city. It doesn't actually water your city but it stops the sims from complaining about water shortages. To get a phantom water pump place one water pump that is:

1. Not next to any buildings.

2. Make sure that no buildings will be placed next to it by creating a de-zone area 3X3 tiles in size.

3. Place the pump in the center tile.

4. Not connected to any under ground water-pipes.

5. Powered

The land value of a watered tile is worth almost twice as much as a tile that isn't watered. So when you use this cheat the land value in your city will only be worth half as much as if you hadn't used this cheat. Now you must ask yourself "does land value really matter?"

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