Scenarios: Charlston Hurricane

You have 5 years to rebuild Charlston and raise the population to 45,000. Here's how to do it!

  1. Just let the storm take it's toll. ( Quote by my last name Resistance is futile! )
  2. Pause the game. Check "No Disasters".
  3. Rebuild the power system. Keep the power plants in mind.
  4. Rebuild the water system ( This is usialy totaly distroyed ).
  5. Rebuild the transportation systems. ( Some of those little pools of water can be cleared up with the bulldozer ).
  6. Re-zone all of the damaged zones to high density.
  7. If you need to, issue a bond.
  8. Clean up the rubble that still remains.
  9. Lower taxes!
  10. Take the game off pause.
  11. Give your Sims all they ask for. Follow your budget advisors' advice.
  12. Create new industrial zones.
  13. Rebuild the two power plants that were demolished at the scenario's beginning.

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