About Sim City 2000

In SimCity 2000 you are the planner and mayor of cities. These cities can be as small as you want or as big as you can make them.

You are also in compitition with the sorrounding cities for " People " to come and live in your city

As the Mayor you are responsible for:

1. Planning - zoning

2. City infrastructure - water, power, transportation

3. Government services - fire, police, hospitals, prisons

4. Education - schools, colleges, libraries, museums

5. Recreation and open spaces - parks, zoos, stadiums, marinas

6. City budget and taxes

7. Major and minor land changes

8. The health and happiness of the Sims that live in your city

You are not directly resonsible for building houses, stores, factories ar other buildings ( your Sims take care of them ).

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