The Editors of Maxis Ville's Choice

First I would like to thank a friend of mine, Jacob Gerber; without him I would not have been able to create this page and all the chats and forms and stuff,  I spent many hours on the phone having him explain the stupidest of things to me.  Click here to see his "All mighty" Nebraska Cornhuskers / Lynux page or here to see his "Maxis Games Online" Pages

Now on to the Editors 

1.The editor that I use is AOLpress it allows me to make forms easy and import many graphics, if you would like to download it the downloading link is below.

2. I also use Microsoft's Chat SDK (Software Devolpment Kit)  I will soon use it to create a "non-Xoom" chat so you can all chat without being a Xoom members.

3. Of course I had to learn HTML in-order-to create some tags and to place in my counters, Forms and applets,  I suggest you go to your local library and check out any HTML book you can find and learn the general tags,  There is really no need to learn how to create a page completely in HTML it is just a waste of time and you will learn it with AOLpress when you have to place counters and such in.

4.  I also had to learn some "Javanese" I just had to read a few chapters to learn how to do all that I needed to  edit may page with.  Again go to your local library and download some information into you mind by reading a book or two.

5. Now this is where I get all of that "updated browser" crap,  Microsoft Internet Explorer is the browser that I use on my computer.  I also have made these pages with Internet Explorer in mind, for you netscape users don't be concerned I will soon have this page so it will look good to you.  This idea has brought this term into mind: "A updated Browser is best for all"

6. Now everyone knows what a form is right? Now we all know that you need to have a place to handle them my choice is in Another country the URL is below for those who want to know.

7. Now on to my service providers,  My service providers are A.Geocities & B. Xoom Geocities is where all my downloads are and Xoom hosts my chatroom and my current page location both of these places give you 11Mb of storage space but Geocities has a online uploading program (you must have a 4.0 Browser or above) and Xoom has a "on your computer uploading program (you have to download it off of one of Xoom's pages or use the Cute link below)  I personally suggest that you get a Xoom account and a Geocities Account so you can have all the good things from both.

8.  Now for the best part, I also use Microsoft Frontpage With this I made most of my .gif pictures.  If you want one Editor this is the one for you.  You can make banners and more dynamic pages.  I suggest that you use all the downloads below due to the fact that you can have SOO much stuff to do and soo little time.  This program comes with the "Full Install" when you download Microsoft's Internet Explorer.

9.  I also use Super clip to capture my Screenshots I tell you if you want to have a good screenshot page you should use this.  If you do download this product I should warn you that if you turn it on and you hit the Print Screen button than it will stop your program at it's exact point (This is GOOD).

10. I use a FTP program now since I am on XOOM the editor I use is really a "Share-ware" program but it doesn't have a date that it will stop it's functioning on and no ad. type thing to put up with.  The editor's name is Cute.  Click the link below to get the program that I have.

11.  For my counter I currently use Link Exchange because I still haven't found a sight that offers CGI access and has at least 10 megs of room. Try them out. They offer some great services so click on the link below to see what they all have to offer.

The world best webpage things
Listing #

Name of editor/Location

Author (copyrights) Homepage E-mail
1 AOLpress America On Line AOL press homepage Unknown
2 Chat SDK     Microsoft Unknown Unknown
5 Microsoft Internet Explorer Microsoft Explorer Home Unknown
6 Power up Power up Power up Homepage Unknown
7a Geocities Geocities Geocities Homepage Unknown
7b Xoom Xoom Xoom Homepage Unknown
8 Microsoft Front Page Microsoft Comes with Int. Explorer Unknown
9 Super Clip AndroSoft Download it here Unknown
10 Cute FTP Alex Kunadze Download it here Unknown
11 Counter Link Exchange See their sight Unknown

To have an new more versatile Browser is best for all!!


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