SimCopter Screenshots


Your home, the hanger, with all of the game's helicopters (including the Apache).
The Launch Arco in SimCopter.


This is you, the pilot standing on the tarmac. In the background there is a launch arco.
A panicked, running sim
The pilot showing off an impressive landing on a construction boom.

Game glitches

SimCopter really wasn't known for details. Here is one of the many rendering mistakes: a bridge with cable support columns but no piers!
Ensure that your copter is fully throttled down before getting out, otherwise it may take off on its own. Here I am chasing down a Schweizer 300 with my MD 500.

Action Shots

A MD500 flying over a city.
Here you see the pilot using a Dauphin 2 to fight a raging fire below.
A Bell 206 stopping a riot that is blocking traffic.
A MD 520 helping the police find a criminal.
A Bell 206 flying over the city at night.
The Apache helicopter flying along side an airplane.
An MD 520 approaching a burning car on a bridge.
The MD 500 equipt with a watercannon chasing after a UFO.
MD 520n crashing into a building. Ouch!
A MD 520n got entangled in a Launch Arco
Bell 212 crashing into the top of a Launch Arco
MD 520n making a hard left turn.
A close call between the MD 520n and a building.
Stopping quickly to pick up an injured sim in the MD 520n
MD 520 stopping a speeding vehicle.
A Daupin 2 breaking up a traffic jam.

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