Sim Copter Helicopters

This page is designed to give you a overview on what the copters can do. If you would like to add something to this page send me some feedback with a subject of Sim Copter Copter and the Name of the Copter.

Schweitzer 300

This Copter is slow small and doesn't do much. Sell and upgrade as soon as possible however; this copter is good for fitting in small spots for Roof Top Rescues.

Engines: Single Piston (190hp)
Seats: 2
Speed: 153 km/hr (82kt)
Range: 360 km (195nm)
Weight: 474hg (1046lb)
Rotor Diameter: 8.18m (26 ft 10 in)

Bell 206 Jet Ranger

This Copter is a all around well rounded copter. I use this copter second most. I advice keeping this copter just in case.

Engines: Single Turbine ( 420shp )
Seats: 7
Speed: 232km / hr 125kt )
Range: 666km ( 360nm )
Weight: 884kg ( 1861 lb )
Rotor Diameter: 11.28m ( 36 ft )

McDonnell / Douglas 500

This Copter is small and easy to handle I suggest this as a keeper.

Engines: Single Turbine (278shp)
Seats: 1-6
Speed: 232km / hr 125kt )
Range: 422km ( 228nm )
Weight: 493kg ( 1088 lb )
Rotor Diameter: 8.03m ( 26 ft 4 in )

McDonnell / 520 Notar

Engines: Single Turbine ( 375shp )
Seats: 4-5
Speed: 250km / hr 135kt )
Range: 402km ( 217nm )
Weight: 742kg ( 1636 lb )
Rotor Diameter: 8.33m ( 27 ft 4 in )

Comments: This is the fastest cheap helicopter you can buy. Again I suggest buying this helicopter and keeping it.

Agusta A109

This helicopter is good but not worth the money. I suggest not buying this copter and waiting for the Bell 212 or the Dauphin 2.

Engines: Twin Turbine 400shp )
Seats: 7-8
Speed: 285km / hr 154kt )
Range: 684km ( 350nm )
Weight: 1418kg ( 3126 lb )
Rotor Diameter: 11m ( 36 ft 1 in )

Bell 212

This Helicopter is Slow sluggish and overall not that good. If you are on a rescue mission ( medical evacuation ) this copter may be the best choice however; this is a expensive helicopter. I suggest waiting to get the Dauphin 2 or the McDonnell / Douglass Explorer.

Engines: Two coupled Turbines ( 1290shp )
Seats: 13-15
Speed: 206km / hr 111kt )
Range: 450km ( 243nm )
Weight: 2765kg ( 6097 lb )
Rotor Diameter: 14.69m ( 48 ft 2 in )

Dauphin 2 ( Eurocopter )

This Helicopter is my favorite and for a good reason. It has the highest seating capacity for a fast speed. The MD Explorer isn't that far behind but overall this copter can do it's job and yours.

Engines: Twin Turbine 680shp )
Seats: 13
Speed: 260km / hr 140kt )
Range: 900km ( 485nm )
Weight: 1806kg ( 3980 lb )
Rotor Diameter: 11.68m ( 38 ft 4 in )

McDonnell / Douglas Explorer

This is the most expensive copter. Once you get the Dauphin 2 and this copter you could sell all the others. This Copter along with the Dauphin 2 will fill all your needs.

Engines: Twin Turbine (629shp)
Seats: 8-10
Speed: 274km / hr 148kt )
Range: 600km ( 325nm )
Weight: 1458kg ( 3215 lb )
Rotor Diameter: 10.3m ( 33 ft 10 in )

Apache Helicopter

The Apache helicopter is an easter egg in SimCopter. If it spawns in a city, it will appear on the F-15b military tile. Chances are, if you see a UFO in your city, you will also have an Apache helicopter as the two appear together frequently. In my experience, it always spawns in the final campaign city.

Note: The Apache helicopter has a machine gun and missile launcher. These items replace the water cannon and winch. As such, the helicopter is not useful for fire and rescue missions.

Engines: Uknonwn
Seats: 1
Speed: Unknown (but fast)
Range: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Rotor Diameter: Unknown
Weapons Machine gun, missiles

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