Sim Copter In General

Whenever you save a ".scc" career file for your current game, an equivalent ".sc2" SimCity 2000 file is also saved. At the beginning of each new level, you may want to check out the new city by examining it in SimCity 2000 or SCURK ( the SimCity Urban Renewal Kit--if you have it ); you can also print it in SCURK. Or, you can always fly around the new city while ignoring the dispatcher, then leave without saving and go back to your previously saved copy.

Consider saving frequently, especially for when you may get into a bad situation  ( like crashing because you ran out of fuel or got too close to a fire ), so you can always go back to your most recently saved copy. Plus, you can save under different names and try different techniques, then go back a step or two if things don't work out. At the higher levels I'm in the habit of saving every time I complete a mission and get the points and money, as long as everything is moving along well.

As you earn enough money, invest it in ADDITIONAL helicopters ( pay for fuel and repairs first ), with the goal of having all 8/9 at the end. This protects you from losing funds if certain missions fail and gives you a choice of choppers for different jobs.

EXCEPTION: Early on you should buy the Bell 206 JetRanger as soon as you can, even if you have to sell the Schweizer 300; the JetRanger holds 4, is fast & maneuverable, and has worked extremely well for me. But I use the Dauphin almost exclusively.

To conserve fuel and reduce the number of trips back to the hanger, land some place ( field, rooftop ) and wait for your next dispatch. ( OR: Chase speeders.) Consider picking up half a tank of water, a medic, and/or a policewoman ( especially after you move up to the JetRanger ) to prepare for missions.

Experiment. Get the feel of different helicopters, and practice solving the more difficult missions without saving the results.


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