Sim Copter Cheats

You must first open the Cheats Menu by pressing Ctrl+Alt+X

What you type in.

What the Code does

Been there, done that

Finishes the level.

Gas does grow on trees

Gives the copter full tank of gas that never runs out

Give me bucks or give me death: xxxxx

( where xxxxx is a number between 0 and 50,000 ): Gives you the specified amount of money or immediately shuts down the game without a chance to save.  The more money you ask for, the greater the chance of shutdown.

I love my helicopter

Teleports you near or into your helicopter.

I'm the CEO of McDonnell Douglas

Next enter your hanger then go into the copter catalog type 1-9 to get the helicopters.

Lights, Camera, Action!

Plays a movie on the drive-in screens of your city

The map, please

Brings up the map in Walk Mode

Shields up

Prevents your Helicopter from taking damage


Makes your avatar turn into a dog that moves really fast in Walk mode and flight when you press the "Shift" Key

Warp me to career: xx

( xx = city number 0-30 ): Durring a career game only, lets you warp to any career city

A megaphone in the hand is worth two in the bush

Lets you use your megaphone when you are walking arround

Out for a Sunday drive

Lets you follow a car in a chase view

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