Maxis Ville Banners

NOTE:  Remember the banner that you choose not only shows people of my webpage but also reflects on how you feel about YOUR page CHOOSE WISELY!!


First you MUST place this HTML code in.

<A HREF="">

<IMG SRC="">

NOTE:  This is a CGI program that I host so once it goes into your page you will not have to edit the HTML ( Any changes I can make on my server ).

The CGI Program will place random banners on your page like this eg.

You will get a banners that will look like these:

Come to Maxis Ville

Come to Maxis Ville

Come to Maxis Ville

Come to Maxis Ville

There are likely to be many more banners but they will be of the same size as these.

Now you MUST fill out this form:

First I need your E-mail address

Now I need your full real name

Now I need you to answer a few Questions:

What is your websight address

What is the title of your websight:

If you have a banner and you know HTML what is the code (If you don't know HTML skip this step):

Where is your banner located (If you filled in the HTML box do not fill this in)

If you have a button and wish it to be displayed in the left frame click here

For the button:  What is the URL of the button

Do you want your sight to be considered for the Top 10 Maxis sights?

Yes, I would like to be considered for the Top 10 Maxis sights (You must have a Maxis sight)

No I don't want to be in the Top 10 Maxis sights


Do you know that a newer Browser would allow more types of files to appear on your screen

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